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Driving innovation and empowering your audience with a compelling, interactive experience for kiosk presentations and wayfinding.

This technology allows for multiple point of contact actions such as zoom in, zoom out, rotate, pinching and swiping, all creating a unique experience. Imagine all the possibilities in collaboration, interaction and streamlining objectives with multi-touch interfaces.

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Interactive multi-touch applications can be used in kiosks, tablets, and on mobile devices.

Any design can be implemented – storyboards, videos, documents, websites, 3D models and more. With multi-touch technology, you will know the exact preferences of your target audience because they touch what they like. Collect and send data from user interactive experiences to any platform for analytics and marketing.

Build leads. We can build personalized in-house forms into your kiosk, tablet, or mobile app to capture important information. Leads can be stored within the program while at your conference and exported to an Excel spreadsheet.

Drive innovation. Engaging your audience by using advanced interactive multi-touch technology will help differentiate your company. New technology such as multi-touch can efficiently streamline the complete trade show process while making for a much more interesting client experience.

Product awareness. Now you can display video clips, product images and your product sell sheet in PDF format while maintaining the integrity of your collateral materials.

Mobile Conversion. Imagine taking the presentation of your products or services and launching a new mobile App. Let us help you build your new mobile presence and place your presentation in the Apple App Store and Google Play

We can convert your interactive multi-touch presentation to a downloadable app, thus expanding the reach of your products or services. Our dedicated creative team will support you from start to finish.

Your presentation can be accessed by anyone with iOS or Android device.

    Sample Design
    for A Building Complex

    Wayfinding _Building

    Sample Design
    for a Hospital


    Sample Design
    for a Museum

    Wayfinding Museum

    Sample Design for
    Corporate Conference


    “IGM’s new presentation built for Sharp’s kiosk used at conference
    was so valuable to the experience here at ISC West, Las Vegas”

    Alice DiSanto – Director of Marketing, SRBD

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