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Drive innovation and empower your audience with a compelling, interactive experience for kiosk presentations and wayfinding.

Interactive digital signage is quickly changing how businesses interact with their customers. An ever-evolving technology, interactive signage gives consumers more choice, greater freedom, and a more engaging user experience. Whether in a corporate office, hotel lobby, healthcare facility, or in your booth at a trade show, client engagement increases when you add interactive digital signage.

Elevate Customer Experience

Most digital signage use LED or LCD screens with multitouch technologies to display content such as digital images, video, streaming media, and information. They are typically found in public spaces to captivate audiences and directly engage them.

As multitouch technology is now commonly known through today’s smartphones and tablets, consumers are already used to the intuitive control of digital content with simple touch gestures. Utilizing the latest innovations, IGM can go beyond multitouch with options like gesture recognition, touch emulation, computer vision technology, and more.

Build Brand Recognition

Engaging your audience by using advanced interactive multitouch technology and beyond will help differentiate your company. Brand awareness and recognition increase as consumers become increasingly familiar with interactive digital displays. Over time, consumers will start identifying the displays and signage with a specific product or service, company, and brand.

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Generate Leads

We can build personalized in-house forms into your kiosk or tablet to capture important information. Leads can be stored within the program while at your conference and exported to an Excel spreadsheet.

Increase Product Awareness

Now you can display video clips, product images, and your product sell sheet in PDF format while maintaining the integrity of your collateral materials.

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    Our Process


    At IGM, we understand no two clients are the same, and we work to internalize the values and mission of each of our users. At the beginning of every relationship with prospective clients, we provide an intimate consultation to understand your needs.

    Project Scoping

    The initial planning and research phase. Our experts in design begin constructing concepts and designing empowering content with the goal of developing your brand. Metrics are carefully built into our service to allow you to track the most “interacted with” features of your customized service.

    Concept Build Out

    From design to implementation, IGM’s expert team is equipped to provide you with superior project management to deliver exciting solutions thoughtfully and meaningfully. In tandem with our strategic implementation, IGM guarantees the utilization of the highest quality content in your service.


    Your presentation can be accessed and displayed by anyone with Windows, iOS/iPad, Android tablet, and a number of other monitor operating systems. We offer both touchscreen and standard monitors in a vast array of sizes. Creating custom-made housing for your monitor is a snap. Our millwork experts can build almost any type of structure to enhance your wayfinding, corporate presentation, or wall signage.

    “IGM’s new presentation built for Sharp’s kiosk used at conference was so valuable to the experience here at ISC West, Las Vegas”

    Alice DiSanto – Director of Marketing, SRBD

    Samples of our kiosk designs:

    Trade Show Kiosk
    Trade Show Kiosk

    IGM Creative Group provides the ideal digital signage solutions to effectively and beautifully communicate with your clients and prospects. If you have any questions or need more information, please get in touch with or call 973.709.1126.