Increase your search engine rankings, traffic and conversion rates.

Search engines are your digital billboards! IGM Creative Group’s goal, infused with the goals of your company to increase your visibility on search engines. Optimizing your website with relevant, quality content is the key to success with search engine optimization.

If you have heard the ancient advertising mantra “location, location, location!” then you must know just how important having the perfect location is. Well, search engines are the new street corners and having a top ranked website is now the perfect location. According to Google Analytics, nearly 80% of website traffic originates from search engines and 90% of users will never continue on past the third page of search results to procure content. If you want to increase your Google Pagerank and conversion rate look no further!

Search engine optimization and ranking are both functions of two primary ingredients, and we utilize strict content analysis to address both of them: Relevance and Reputation. IGM Creative Group has a vested interest in maximizing your websites presence. Search engine optimization is 24/7 no days off world, that we are prepared to explore with you!”

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