A rich and engaging interactive experience for your audience.

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With interactive digital signage, you can make a memorable impact at conferences and trade shows while collecting crucial user information.

Interactive digital displays offer users a personalized experience by placing them in the driver’s seat and allowing them to control what they see and how they see it.

As a result, it equips your brand with unique, dynamic content that makes your booth stand out with more excitement and engagement from your audience.

You can treat all your media as interactive, automatically making all your graphic content responsive to tap, swipe, pinch, and other common touchscreen gestures.

Utilizing the latest innovations, the audience experience can be more than touch technology.

Gesture Recognition and Touch Emulation Using cameras to capture hand movement in front of a display enable interaction with onscreen content without physical contact between the hand and the screen.

Computer Vision Technology can identify age, gender, group size, views, impressions, and more in real-time. IGM’s interactive displays can both capture this information for analysis and trigger onscreen content uniquely personalized for predefined demographic categories.

QR Codes for Signage We can take any URL as an input and display the corresponding QR code. We can enable Mobile Activation by creating take-home information on the fly without knowing in advance which information will be requested.

Allow our creative, strategic planning, and implementation expertise to produce custom-made solutions for your audience.

Here are some of the ways we empower you to stay ahead of the competition as well as become pioneers in the industry:

Interactive Digital Signage
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Strategy and Design

We create a personal and seamless user experience to maximize every aspect of your product solutions. Our discovery team surveys your needs and delivers the best-fit applications designed for your custom display.

Branding and Communication

We focus on developing consumer messages in a concise, interactive, and effective manner to ensure maximum engagement with minimal effort.

User Interface Design

Our creative execution provides aesthetically pleasing content and an enjoyable navigation experience for your event users.

We provide different sizes of stylized digital signage that can be used for vertical or horizontal displays. The content can be managed remotely and updated regularly, providing greater flexibility.

Find out what IGM Creative Group can do for you and request a complimentary consultation.

    IGM Interactive Digital Kiosk at PROMAT March 2023

    IGM Interactive Digital Kiosk
    IGM Interactive Digital Kiosk

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