Non-profit Charity Event Branding and Promotion

Non-prfot-case-study Business Challenge

Develop a business’ Event Brand that promotes their philanthropic giving persona while effectively advertising their non-profit event.

Like most charity benefits, we start with an idea that can inspire the hearts of our audience. Formulizing our project plan a year and a half ahead was beneficial to the event’s success. By utilizing a partnership of corporate executives from CoreMediaSystems and IGM Creative Group, we were able to plan a cohesive marketing strategy through online communications with their benefactors.

Value delivered by creating a robust, innovative web solution and developing an effective client partnership

IGM Creative Group led the process of designing and shaping the infrastructure for the philanthropic Event Brand and web solution, “Response Responsibility”, with the aid of CoreMedia’s creative team, marketing experts, and content strategists.

Strategy and Design

We create a personal and seamless user experience to maximize every aspect of your product solutions.

Branding and Communication

We focus on developing consumer messages in a concise, interactive, and effective manner to ensure maximum engagement with minimal effort.

Value delivered with innovative ideas

It’s not enough to sell your mission to a corporation. Communication with your followers through e-mail, website, newsletters, social media and advertising are all contributors to success. Many large nonprofits have all of these. However, if yours is a small nonprofit, with proper advance planning, you still can compete within your local community to gain corporate sponsorship for your event.

Together we provide the ideal solutions to effectively and beautifully communicate our clients’ messages to their prospects and customers.


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