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Is it to increase brand awareness and expand your reach? Or maybe it is to boost web traffic and grow your qualified leads? At IGM we create digital marketing strategies and develop a corporate web presence that scale.

We know that leading a company’s marketing efforts and developing new campaign ideas can be challenging at times. Here are a couple of examples of how IGM can help your business with your digital marketing projects.

Need help rebranding?

In these ever-changing times, many organizations are shifting focus to better serve their markets. Which can create an opportunity for rebranding. It could be as simple as a fresh new design for your company logo or as complicated as the promotion of a new and differentiated brand identity for the organization.

No matter the reason, you may now find yourself preparing for a project few marketers have undertaken. While you may be itching to start work on the creative strategy and design, now is the best time to analyze your organization’s needs and determine if a full corporate rebranding plan with a roll-out strategy is required.

Take, for example, one of our long-time clients, who this past year tasked the IGM creative team with a corporate rebranding project. IGM developed new logos for the client, utilizing an energizing color palette to unite their product offerings and philanthropic projects. Not long afterward IGM was contracted to redesign their website.

With a goal of showcasing their in-depth knowledge of their industry and providing an exceptional UI/UX experience, the new site features a streamlined, modern design with visually relevant images and content crafted to guide potential clients to the products and services they need.

Considering creating an online magazine or newsletter?

An online magazine is a digital publication on a specific subject or interest that can generate revenue and provide significant archival content for your website. Even if there already are other magazines on the subject, you might be able to offer something uniquely valuable to your niche that establishes you as a thought leader in your field. It can provide value to your audience and make money for your business.

Besides sharing news about your company’s offerings, current initiatives and plans for growth, online and opt-in newsletters are also a way to highlight your areas of focus and expertise. A creative and efficient way to engage your business’s loyal fan base, newsletter content can also earn social shares and reach new potential clients. As long as the content provides both value to your current customers and appeals to a broader audience.

Recently at IGM, we developed a new website for our client’s online publication. As the top member-supported, volunteer-led, global business development association for the Bio/Pharmaceutical manufacturing value chain, our client wanted to create a new communications platform that would engage and grow their membership, while building community. To realize this goal, IGM was to reinvent its online publication as an always-on, always-fresh news, views, and community information engine.

With over 6000 pages rebranded and launched, the new website now has a modern feel and complimentary look. IGM creative staff designed, developed and project managed this major effort from end to end.

The IGM Creative team takes the time to understand what success means for you, determine what resonates with your customers, and deliver the optimal digital marketing solution. If you have an upcoming digital marketing project and need assistance schedule a free consultation with us today!

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