These days, business owners who want to take their companies to a new level of excellence and efficacy need to access and utilize the power of branding and key messaging. Each of these marketing strategies enables business owners to effectively advertise the high value of their goods and services. To learn more about how each of these marketing techniques can help you take your business from good to great, review the brief outline found below.

Branding-A Brief Overview

Although defined broadly, branding is basically the process of using icons, words, and other forms of visual stimuli to construct a clear, distinguishing image for a business’s goods and services. Brand-building is an incredibly effective  IGM Branding marketing strategy because it enables business owners to distinguish their brand from that of their competitors and leave a meaningful mark in the mind of prospective customers. There have been a wide variety of highly effective brand-building advertisements throughout the course of the last several decades, and an advertising agency that works on behalf of a client will typically incorporate a plethora of strategies synergistically in order to yield the greatest return.

Key Messaging

Key messaging is one of the most effective ways to develop a strong and perpetual level of communication with one’s audience. This form of marketing involves making strategic use of language to communicate your brand’s main idea to your target market. Although the key message has many integral components that give it shape and substance, it is typically defined by the following elements:

Concise: avoid acronyms and jargon

Active: make each sentence as active as possible

Positive: use affirmative rather than negative talk, avoiding the use of words like “no” and “not”

Short: make the key message no more than one succinct sentence

Specific: address your target market and any challenges associated with the brand

As a “bite-sized” summation of your brand, the key message is one of the most powerful and effective tools of communication that you can use.

IGM Messaging Getting Professional Help

In order to practice effective communication with one’s prospective customers and thereby build a life-time relationship that translates into brand loyalty, it is almost always advantageous to hire a professional company to work on your behalf. In hiring an advertising agency or creative ad agency, you’ll gain access to the assistance of individuals who have extensive education and experience in the field. These individuals will typically be able to put together an intricate, customized strategic plan that helps you catch and keep the attention of your target market.


If you are serious about building your brand, you should note that strategies such as brand-building and the development of a key message can help you realize your vision. Moreover, hiring an advertising agency or creative ad agency can help business owners optimize their marketing strategies in order to attain the greatest return on investment possible. Once you design and implement a customized branding campaign for your business, you will likely find that you attain the high level of visibility and increased conversion rates that you desire. Good luck!

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