Merely putting up a site won’t guarantee a steady stream of visitors.

There are marketers who merely send one-way messages to their key customers – prospective or existing – and await feedback. Such passive actions won’t work in today’s highly competitive corporate environment.

Unfortunately, many unfriendly marketers fail to realize the fact that they are talking at their prospects and not with them, which ideally should be the case! In the age of social media, one-way communication is the most unwise thing to do as the medium has dramatically altered the way business people and even customers now communicate.

In order to integrate social media into their marketing mix, marketers need to be part of the whole communication chain, which holds key to gain new market leads. To put it more succinctly, lead generation through popular social networks is all about pull marketing. You will be able to cultivate immense curiosity about your products and services by sharing valuable information and giving rise to interactions and generating a positive feedback.

Since users congregate and inadvertently compartmentalize themselves within leading social networks based on specific interests, affiliations and needs, it acts as the perfect platform for ambitious marketers to interact with their target audiences. In this context, it’s vital to develop a comprehensive social media strategy.

Here are a few valuable tips for effectively employing social media to gain new market leads through.

1. Learn to listen and grasp markets cues to understand aspirations and expectations of your target audience.

2. By joining relevant groups and simply following them you are able to understand what really engages and appeals to your target audience at the most basic level.

3. Carry a research on social media venues that your prospective customers participate in so that you can build bridges with them.

4. Apart from focusing on specific social media venues relevant to you strategy, create an account with various other social networking web sites/blogs, to widen your reach.

5. Having done the groundwork, you may start interacting. Take the opportunity to be part of the conversation. Gradually post your ideas, throw ideas, share thoughts and seek opinions.

6. Ensure that you don’t pass an impression that you are there to hard sell. This will be an immediate turnoff for most people.

7. The thrust of your social media strategy should be on participating, making contacts and expanding your network. Through informal interactions and regular dissemination of relevant information, you would be able to establish a rapport with your target audience. This is the biggest benefit of social media. It gives savvy marketers the opportunity to subtly build brand identity and gain new market leads sans making the direct sales pitch.

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