Three tips to improve your landing page conversions!

Landing pages are a great tool for lead generation. They turn your website visitors into leads. However, configuring your landing pages may seem difficult without prior knowledge or experience in the creation process.

Understanding the keys to create a landing page can increase the success rate and generate more leads. When creating a landing page keep in mind the following: what information the potential customer is expecting/searching for, what is the value my product or service provides, if you were searching for a specific product or service what would you like to see. Upon the creation of your landing page remember these thoughts as well as the tips below to create a successful landing page.

Tip 1: Create a clear cut Call-To-Action! Landing_Page_Blog_Photo

Do you want visitors to signup for your newsletter? Do you want them to learn about an event your business is hosting? Do you want them to purchase a new product or service you are providing?

Providing your visitors with a precise CTA will improve the success of your landing page. The CTA should be prominent on your page, leaving no questions on what is expected. If there is no Call-To-Action the decision will be left in the hands of the visitor, often times they do not share.

Tip 2: Remove the distractions!

The goal of your landing page is to transition the person from visitor to a lead. Providing them with links to go outside of the landing page before they enter any information can cause a low conversation rate. The initial goal of a landing page is to obtain a visitors information then send them outside to view your website.

The landing page should inform the visitor of any product or service you are looking to provide, Call-To-Action and company information; all of which are precise, direct and brief in an effort not to overwhelm the visitor.

Tip 3: Add value with testimonials!

As the saying goes: “Keeping up with the Jones!” Adding testimonials or reviews of your products or services will influence a visitor to continue the CTA process. No one wants to be behind the times, so if they see others have joined, the likelihood of converting a visitor will increase. In some cases this could be a deciding factor for a visitor on your landing page.

These elements can increase the conversion rate of your landing page! Interested in creating a landing page? Call IGM today (973) 709-1126 or email us at

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