NJ 2-1-1

Always an ever-present figure in the community, IGM Creative Group is proud to have been given the opportunity to build the infrastructure to support the State of New Jersey’s 211 emergency portal, which is the largest directory of public assistance services in the Garden State.

Our staff developed NJ211’s new website which included an API-based search engine. We also modernized a new brand logo for NJ211 that incorporates flat design and brand colors to ensure consistency throughout various slides and web pages.

The most important feature of NJ 2-1-1 site is the search functionality. Multiple groups and organizations will be submitting lifesaving information through one central channel. The user experience and interface play a large support role in the designing and programming of this project.

Every state throughout the United States is allowed a 211-emergency system for public and group information. The 211 processes must keep all accurate information and systems running smoothly without downtime and minimal errors.

Discovery of open beds for patients in need, food pantries, cooling centers and places to go when temperatures are below freezing to warm one’s body are all entities that have updates made hourly for public usage at the NJ211 website.

211 organizations are responsible for both website connections and call-in centers. They have an active part in servicing the public and government organizations for information that will save lives. During a hurricane, flood and other traumatic occurrences, it is necessary to supply information fast and efficiently to those in need.

IGM in October launched NJ211’s newly designed digital platform which is used by millions of users every year. NJ211 is one of many nonprofits that have contracted with IGM for high-end marketing, web development, and digital strategy.

NJ211, one of the largest nonprofits in New Jersey, is in the process of entering into a retainer agreement with IGM to continue to oversee and develop their renovated digital platform.

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