At IGM, we deliver high-impact brand experiences that help increase sales.

Our team will work with you to create a display that matches your vision, ensuring it has elements that will make your target audience eager to learn more about your brand!

Attendees have many exhibits to choose from. Our designers will transform your key message, branding, and design elements into a powerful, dynamic display that attendees will gravitate towards.

We partner with Apple Rock to build best-in-class trade show exhibits.

Apple Rock is committed to complete customer satisfaction. They achieve customer contentment by creating displays for trade shows and other events that are designed based on superior ideas and strategy, built with superior care and materials, and delivered to produce the best possible results. In business since 1988, they have worked with over 15,000 customers across the country to produce award-winning, innovative displays for various industries.

Apple Rock doesn’t just build amazing displays. They also offer their customers an array of services to maximize their presence at trade shows and events — from planning to execution to show management to post-show follow-up and storage — all delivered with the same high standards and degree of commitment they bring to their trade show displays.

Overview of our process

How we work with Apple Rock to design and produce your booth:

  1. Meet with Apple Rock and select the display style.
  2. Meet with IGM to review branding, messaging, and graphics for your exhibit.
  3. Review your proofs and determine which is the perfect design for your business.
  4. IGM sends approved proofs to Apple Rock for production.

What’s hot this year? Interactive walls and displays!

Drive innovation and empower your audience with a compelling, interactive experience. Interactive digital signage is quickly changing how businesses interact with their customers. An ever-evolving technology, interactive signage gives consumers more choice, greater freedom, and a more engaging user experience. Whether in a corporate office, hotel lobby, healthcare facility, or in your booth at a trade show, client engagement increases when you add interactive digital signage.

Additional agency services

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