How are robotics and AI changing the travel industry?

Since the dawn of time, tasks done by bare human hands have been replaced. First, it was with tools, then machines and now with robots. The technological advancements within the industry are favored by decision makers and consumers alike. The demand for robots is on the rise on both the manufacturing front as well as customer interaction. The dual adoption of robotics within the travel industry across the globe is unleashing endless opportunities for growth, creativity and lasting customer relationships.

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Does your non-profit have a digital marketing road-map for success?

IGM Creative Group is a local company based out of NJ, offering advertising solutions, marketing strategy, and web development for Fortune 500, mid-market and small businesses. IGM’s President and CEO, Jay Stack is a firm believer of working with and for non-profit organizations. “We take pride in working with non-profit organizations because of the important work these organizations do whether it’s fighting hunger, providing vital information about available resources, or trying to revitalize a downtown area to promote business,” said Stack.

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