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A marketer must keep in touch with everyday technological innovations in order to reach prospective clients and new audiences. No longer must your conferences be confined to the archaic paper outline or the now drab slide presentation.

Thanks to the advent of user-friendly, cost-effective digital signage services, conferences come to life.

IGM Creative Group is at the forefront of this service, having designed unique content for industry leaders like Sharp’s premier Robolliance to make engaging platforms interesting and interactive.

While most know the ins-and-outs of traditional presenting, interactive displays open a slew of new avenues for your next meeting. Here are three key reasons why you should implement digital signage software at your next conference.

  • People learn by touching. There are a number of different methods to learn and arguably one of the most effective is by touch and feel. Digital signage services allow those in your meetings to manipulate content and digest it in a meaningful way. Creating 3D digital models people can interact with is sure to grab everyone’s attention.
  • Affordability. Print materials, ink, and toner incur high costs for any corporation along with the negative environmental ramifications of wasting paper. Digital signage provides a cost-effective alternative while also allowing for the inclusion of more dynamic content in meetings. The value of having that “wow” factor in a conference cannot be monetarily quantified, but your savings on office materials can be.
  • Scope of the service. The scope of application for digital signage services is seemingly endless. Custom designed services allow for real-time updating of sensitive business information and offer the possibility of immediate corrective action to be administered. Businesses can instantly respond to changing tides and weather any storm which comes their way, sending their message out to multiple fronts from their conference room’s digital sign.

From physical, tangible change in a conference to the intangible ability to alter strategy in the blink of an eye, digital signage offers a new frontier of possibilities for your presentations and meetings.

Does the possibility of implementing a digital signage service intrigue you? Do you want to learn more about what digital interactive signage can do for your business? Talk to us. We’d love to discuss solutions for your digital needs.

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