Technology Makes Home and Offices SMART

Advanced technology is enabling home and offices to become more automated. In other words, they are becoming smart, since installed devices can now be operated via smartphones. Smart homes and offices can learn the habits and preferences of owners. This requires little or no effort on the part of owners to manage their properties.

This article looks at reasons for encouraging this trend as well as benefits accrued by home and office owners alike.

Reasons for the rise in automation

Smart home and office automation systems are part of a much larger, cross-industry embrace of the Internet of Things (IoT). Devices and appliances are networked together to provide us with a seamless control over all aspects of our home, office and more. The availability of remote monitoring products is rising in demand due to the convenience, peace of mind and control they provide owners. They are also helping reduce electricity bills and eco-footprints, enabling individuals to enjoy cost savings and feel like responsible citizens.

Benefits of remote monitoring

By making technology an integral part of your life, one can ascertain the level of comfort they want. Remote monitoring allows streaming films, movies and TV shows for entertainment. Home and office lighting can be turned off, on, or made dim according to the need of the occasion and situation. This can help reduce costs as well as offer convenience. Controlling heating and cooling can result in significant cost savings. Blinds and curtains can be operated with the click of a button or voice command. Security systems for both home and office can be operated and monitored remotely. This entails remote access to CCTV feeds. Installation of multiple cameras allows one to monitor traffic in and out of the house providing comfort and assurance to owners.

Is home and office automation the future?

Many technology companies are investing money into home and office automation systems. However, the biggest challenge they face is interoperability. One company alone doesn’t dominate the market offering products for all security needs. Different manufacturers are selling to different segments of the market. Despite this challenge, the popularity of automating home and office security and entertainment systems is growing, directly translating into affordability. Office and homeowners are finding adoption of technology as a natural progression to increasing convenience and cost savings alike. As time progresses, companies will be able to provide end to end solutions to consumers. As manufacturers become one-stop shops for all the needs of customers, this market will become huge and extremely competitive.

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