business-meeting-creativity-ideas Here are a few creative suggestions to kick start a constructive and interactive meeting.

Colors – Since a meeting is usually formal, one needs to add a little bit of color to it to make it vibrant. Ensure that colors are used for flip charts and boards in order to break the usual black and white trend which leads to boredom during presentations. Creativity always is a result of change and innovation. Think like a child sometimes to get those grey cells up and running.

Darts – The concept of hanging up a dart board on to your wall to ease off the shoulders of your employees is worth a thought. If you could start off a throwing dart session prior to your meeting, you will inevitably see a much more casual and interactive atmosphere. Starting out with a fun activity will definitely lead to more conversation.

Try the Musical Path – Pep your employees to pen down a verse or chorus describing their nature or job profile. Push them to awaken the poet inside them. Certain phrases or lines while sung always opens up closed doors within individual. This creates a sense of freedom to express which plays up in the meeting.

Vocabulary Development – Encourage employees to share any new word that they were acquainted with. The amount of newly found words added will be astonishing. Allow them to inculcate it in a context that suits your business.

Display Talent – Every individual has secret talents hidden deep within. It is your job to discover that and get it out in the open. A show and tell game will undoubtedly bring in something new to the entire business meeting. Allow employees to showcase their skills, whatever they may be.

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