With all those horror stories of deep recession and a wave of retrenchments engulfing worried business owners/employees, it is no wonder corporate conversations now regularly revolve around the topic of actually how many of them will manage to survive over the next year or so.

Doomsayers are predicting a washout, portraying a gloomy scenario for the consumer-driven retail, travel and hospitality industry, in particular as consumers are fast retracting, shelving their travel plans and curbing their Christmas spending. Retailers are preparing themselves for life on a knife-edge.

There is no denying the fact that the economy is slowing down globally. Caution has replaced optimism. However, it is worth reminding that there are still plenty of consumers with deep pockets.

So how do you get them to bring back to you and make them spend? The answer is to get innovative in your customer service.

Ideas to beat the slowdown

Striking a chord with customers is the key. If they carry happy memories back home, they are bound to return. This becomes possible with impressive customer service. The minute a customer steps into the shop, if he is greeted by a welcoming employee with a query like whether he or she had been there before, it would make a huge difference. If the customer answers ‘No’, it is worthwhile briefing about the shop.

Guide the customers around the shop; introduce them to the new arrivals and launches. Offer t to give them a demo of the products and services that they might be unfamiliar with. Make them feel comfortable so that they do come back when they have cash to spend.

Building bridges with customers, winning their loyalty

This all boils down to genuine customer service, and now more than ever, every customer-centric business should be shifting focus on building bridges with customers and winning their loyalty.

Developing a credible relationship between the customer and the business owner/employee will work even in economically trying times.

For selling in tough times, the key to growth is that one must not close the door, and just walk away or downgrade. There may well be a smaller pie. However, if you can draw attention of a bigger base of  potential customers, you will hold them after the recession is over. In fact, the prevailing economic downturn offers a golden chance for value-oriented retailers to increase market share. They will come into their own once things change for the better…

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