LINCOLN PARK, N.J., Mar. 22, 2017 – IGM Creative Group, a full-service advertising agency based in New Jersey, is excited to announce it is offering next generation multi-touch digital design services. Multi-touch technology is the seed of innovative design using touchable devices. This service allows for multiple points of contact such as zoom in, zoom out, rotate, pinching and swiping, all creating a unique experience.

Multi-touch digital design services

Small businesses to large corporations can now access endless possibilities in collaboration, interaction and streamlining objectives with multi-touch interfaces. IGM is currently engaging several companies to resell their new multi-touch digital design services.

President of IGM Creative Group, Jay Stack says, “We are extremely excited to make our innovative and engaging multi-touch digital design services available to clients. With the rapid growth of technology most organizations today are looking for advanced ways and methods of dispensing information. The interactive nature of multi-touch digital design displays will attract and peak interest amongst an audience in any environment because of its trendy and intriguing format. Our multi-touch digital design service offers limitless possibilities whether setup on a kiosk, tablet, or mobile device.”

Download informational one sheet on IGM Creative Group’s Next Generation Multi Touch Technology.

Any size business can now look towards next generation multi-touch devices to disseminate information and bring forth presentations to employees or clients in a manner like never before. Organizations can also render a dynamic and consistent branding message across all mediums and selling tools to improve customer experience.

Build leads. IGM Creative Group can build personalized in-house forms into your kiosk, tablet, or mobile app to capture important information. Leads can be stored within the program and exported to an Excel spreadsheet.

Drive innovation. Engaging your audience by using advanced interactive multi-touch technology will help differentiate your company. New technology such as multi-touch can efficiently streamline the presentation process while making for a much more interesting client experience.

Product awareness. Now you can display video clips, product images and your product sell sheet in PDF format while maintaining the integrity of your collateral materials.

Mobile Conversion. Imagine taking the presentation of your products or services and launching a new mobile App. IGM Creative Group can help you build your new mobile presence and place your presentation in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Any design can be implemented – storyboards, videos, documents, websites, 3D models and more. With multi-touch technology, consumers will know the exact preferences of your target audience because they touch what they like. You will be able to collect and send this data from the user interactive experience to any platform for analytics and marketing.

Watch the video “Multi-touch digital design services for kiosk, tablets, and mobile devices by IGM” below:

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