Immediate Engagement With Your Potential New Client

With the explosion of various technologies, the development of robust apps and endless social media channels, getting the word out is instantaneous from your show location. Attendees expect a reliable exhibitor experience using WiFi offered at most convention centers. Blogging and video will be at the forefront of an exhibitor’s mind to aid in micro-targeting their specific audience.

Using Social Media Before, During and After the Tradeshow

Generate an immediate buzz by creating a company LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook page to announce your appearance at upcoming tradeshows. The beauty is in its simplicity – you’ll soon discover that your interested clients will become your marketing vehicle by the interaction of posting comments and sharing your information with others.

Blogs are another form of interactive social media that encourage dialogue that can contain back links from your blogs. This simple form of communication with your customers can immediately expand the reach of your show marketing dollars at no additional cost to you.

YouTube can also help to generate interest if you are offering a new product or service. Create a demonstration video that can be used as a teaser to draw potential visitors to your booth to learn more. Choose short sound bites or brief videos that will encourage customers to visit your booth. Let potential clients know you have experts on hand to answer questions and entice them with booth attractions that make your booth a “must see” as they navigate the show floor.

Twitter more than half of all event planners and tradeshow experts tweet updates to keep interest high throughout an event. If you’re going to be touting specific product demonstrations throughout the day, tweet your followers to give them a heads up when something is about to happen so they won’t miss a thing.

After you’ve packed up the products that you have just showcased and are heading back to the office, cement new relationships with anyone who visited your tradeshow booth by following up on your tradeshow marketing through social media. Send out a quick “thanks for stopping by” message via Twitter or post an update on all your company’s social media pages that mentions the success of your booth. Post a brief, follow-up questionnaire to gauge how people responded to your products or services and tradeshow attractions while increasing traffic. With this feedback, your team can gain valuable insight to determine the results of your recent show. And of course, remind your new contacts to visit your website for product news and updates! 

Go Green

Another trend that’s already seeing enormous returns is green tradeshow marketing. Moving completely paperless, creating electronic media to share with your attendees. This can also be streamlined from your show venue providing information via tablet in lieu of paper binders. These efforts will appeal to your company prospects with environmental and ecological concerns. As consumer and business confidence continues to rise, businesses will cement customer loyalty by touting their own role in creating a better world through green tradeshow marketing. Demonstrating proper stewardship of natural resources and an awareness of the importance of green living will enhance tradeshow marketing efforts and a company’s image.

Add a Regional Appeal to Your Show Attendance

Tradeshow experts have noticed that the most promising promotional products and tradeshow attractions seem to be those that use an interesting blend of universal and regional facets. It is believed that more than 72% exihibitors are confident their tradeshow marketing programs will resonate this year.  1

Gamification is not a game 

Gambling 3D glasses

While most companies aren’t going to design their own online video game, many businesses understand this approach is key to drive participation and awareness of how attendees get engaged at tradeshows and events.  By 2016, the gamification market is expected to reach 2.8 billion, demonstrating its potential to increase attendee engagement, drive loyalty and increase sales. 2

1 As cited on The Statista Portal |  2 As seen on Live Marketing Blog

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