Want to make a difference on Earth Day? Earth Day takes place this month and IGM is celebrating by providing you with tips on how to reduce the your carbon footprint. Reducing the amount of paper, ink, and other tangible products is a great way to start. You do not have to completely eliminate these from your marketing strategy, rather re-use them to provide these marketing materials with more longevity. In today’s digital world where everyone has access to email and the Internet within arms reach, help save the environment while effectively still connecting to your clientele.

Cutting down the amount of materials and using a digital format of your marketing materials, will provide you with a more efficient way to re-use certain items when targeting specific clients. Do you use the same format on your handouts, but have to go back to the printer every time you plan to meet a new customer? This can become a very costly expenditure, where the end result is usually thrown away after the meeting.

Digital marketing can help keep your brochures, sell sheets, flyers, etc. in the hands of your clients longer, as well as give you the ability to change/alter these marketing collateral to meet the requirements of each independent client. Here are three great ways to start using digital marketing materials in your company’s everyday actions.

Tip One: Send Newsletters by email instead of snail mail!

Are you sending a monthly newsletter to your contacts through snail mail? Is the cost of printing and mailing those newsletters outweighing the purchases coming in from them? Turn your wonderful looking print newsletters into a monthly email that your clients can view and act on at any time. Most people have smartphones with their email sending them notifications throughout the day. Provide your customers with the newsletter via email so they can enjoy reading your newsletter wherever they are, not just when they are in front of a computer.

Creating a newsletter through email does not need paper or printing to be seen. This will cut down the time of production, which can provide the possibility of increasing the amount of monthly newsletters.

An additional plus with switching to email newsletters; you can track them! The data that you receive from tracking your emails far outweighs the print newsletters. Not only can you see who opened your email you can also see what links they clicked on providing you with more intelligence on your clientele. Along with tracking it gives you the ability to keep your clientele more engaged with your company. You can send your email list links to your website, social media pages, your products/services, etc.

Tip Two: Turn your brochures, handouts, and other marketing materials into digital formats.

Do you have a huge stack of leftover brochures, handouts, or other marketing materials you had printed? Are you using these as paperweights in the office? Turn these beautiful brochures that you spend countless hours of hard work on into timeless digital brochures. Lower the amount of brochures you have printed and offer your clients the opportunity to receive a digital copy. Similar to the newsletters these digital marketing materials can be used repeatedly and easily edited to cater to a new client.

Once you have converted these print marketing materials into a digital masterpieces you can also post them to the company website, social mediapages, online directories, or send them to clients directly in emails. This gives you the opportunity to have a new contact point with potential and existing clientele that you might not have known about prior.

Tip Three: Shift advertising to search engines, digital magazines, and social media.

Reading a newspaper or magazine daily is becoming a lost art. People are beginning to subscribe to the digital versions of their favorite newspaper or magazine. Nowadays people have the ability to carry a digital version of their favorite reading materials wherever they go, without the burden of carry extra paper around.

People are going to search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to find their information, read the news; so why not advertise where most people are. Search engines and social media platforms that allow you to advertise them, also give you a vast amount of data that you can track the effectiveness of your ads. Using this data you can improve and enhance your ad spending to target your potential clients aggressively.

Taking out an ad in a magazine or newspaper can cost a hefty price, however with digital ads you can create a budget of your choice and determine the time frame of when you want to run these ads. The ability to customize and target your message on these platforms is a far greater experience than with traditional print advertising.

Digital Marketing is playing a major role in companies marketing budgets today. Help preserve the Earth and change the channels you advertise and deliver your marketing materials on. Keep in mind most people have smartphones with access to the Internet and email in the palm of their hands, and going there to get their information. Why not provide it to them? Become more effective with your marketing materials use digital marketing in campaigns!

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