Email Marketing Tips Given the routine ambush of e-spamming and newsletters clogging your inbox, you’d say that email marketing is looking at a downward spiral. However, I’d defy this to say that Email marketing in fact is a booming medium for modern day businesses. In the recent past I built an e-newsletter marketing campaign for a client and the outcome surpassed all our expectations. The campaign revolved around a newsletter subscribed through email inclusive of an offline based ‘magic box’. The magic box was purposed at incubating sales leads. Upon execution, the campaign pushed a 30% increase in sales without the aid of sales rep contacts.

Here’s why businesses today discover lucrative returns with email marketing:

  • The price of sending across a mail via postal order exceeds a dollar, whereas email marketing is practically free.
  • Even a 1% conversion or response from conventional mail is received as positive and on the other hand a minimum of 5 to 10% response rate through email marketing is a given.
  • As per a study conducted by DoubleClick on Email consumer, more than 78% e-shoppers are prompted by email marketing and 59% of email receivers have invested in retail shops.
  • Email marketing not only boosts sales abut also lead generation along with effective brand recall and healthier customer relationship.

If you’re running a tradeshow booth, ask visitors for their business cards, send them a personalized email immediately stating your sales pitch and a link to subscribe to your email. Even better, provide a link to the landing page of your website plus a whitepaper record which holds a link to your newsletter subscription which is rich with valuable information. Add to this, a full page whitepaper ad that prompts the user to sign up for your newsletter.

Maintain & manage these contacts categorically. Leads you generate through your tradeshow dealings can be added to your CRM for future contacts. However, this lead CANNOT be added to your primary email marketing list. Upon receiving a mass email from you they might as well report you for spamming.

If the tradeshow host is giving out email addresses of all the tradeshow attendees, do not introduce these contacts to your email marketing list. What you could do is send them a personal, one on one email from your personal email inviting them to your tradeshow booth. And if the tradeshow organizer is taking care of that aspect, recipients are more likely to recognize and respond positively.

If a tradeshow organizer installs opt-in checkboxes via which attendees can ask for exhibitor emails, then you may proceed to send a quick group email to them, but ensure keeping it relevant to the tradeshow. By directly adding these contacts to your primary marketing list, the attendees will most likely report your marketing email for spamming.

When collecting contacts at tradeshow affairs, maintain them in a classified list or flag them as per the tradeshow in your main database. This helps you isolate every contact as and when required and resolve email delivery issues as they surface. Many email marketers randomly import contacts from tradeshows to send out mass emails. Many of these attendees fail to identify you and report you for spamming. Hence, an unfiltered list of contacts from a tradeshow affair is as good as a tainted list.

If you’re using fishbowls to collect email contacts at your tradeshow booth, you can’t import all those contacts to your main marketing list. What you could so is crack-berry those leads and offer them a subscription to your email. Instead send across your first e-marketing campaign to them post the tradeshow event while referring to the tradeshow they attended.

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