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This ever changing and evolving business environment we operate in requires constant review and analysis in order to stay current and on top of your game. Which makes this the perfect time of year to dust off your trade show and marketing materials and see what might need a little sprucing up to attract new business.

Could be a good time to brighten your color pallet and change up your logo. Conference time is just around the corner, therefore updating your booth and marketing materials can be a worthwhile investment. It can help increase prospect interest as well as provide new tools for your sales team to generate and close new business.

And remember, your ideas may not always be the best ones for your business. Hiring a digital marketing expert who can look at your marketing plan and materials with a fresh eye can save you time and money. A marketing team can help a business grow by pulling from its collective resources. Their analysis and recommendations can help you better understand what is working and what is not, as well as how to improve your messaging and gain greater market share.

New Product Launch Promotion

It’s a New Year which means it is the perfect time to introduce your customer to something new. It could be a new product or service offering or a suggestion to try something new. If you are releasing new products, but they are not ready for sale, you can begin promoting them with a sneak preview. If you are a service business, you could offer a new bundle of services that pair well, that are currently offered individually. Regardless as to whether your company has a new product or service coming out, you can still promote the idea of “New”. For example, if you are the spa or haircutting business you could promote “New Year, New Look”. Remember everything old can be new again! Just by suggesting a less popular product or service offering via social media can breathe new life into it.

Give Back to Your Community

It feels good to give and the start of the year is one of open hearts and generosity. You can ask your staff to drop off food donations for a local food pantry, supplies for a nearby animal shelter or collect winter coats for the neighborhood homeless shelter. The sky is the limit, you could also select a charity and promote an online giving campaign via social media. When you get charitable, you will feel good having helped a local organization, your customers will feel good being contributors and you will create community in the process. Everyone wins, especially the charities you support! Be sure to post your good will to your website. It’s worthy PR that shows your customers and clients your care.

Send Out a Survey

Start of the year is a great time to reflect on what direction you wish to guide your products or services. Collecting customer feedback can be a tedious task. However, you can make it an easier one by sending out a light-hearted survey. Ask your customers to help you make this upcoming year an amazing one. In this type of promotion, you will be asking your clients to help your business serve them better, which in turn will improve their customer experience with your company. Remember, customer experience is all about making the customer feel important, prioritized and valued. Providing your customer, a way to express themselves and acting on their recommendations, can go a long way in building loyalty for your brand.

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