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B2B Sales and Marketing Tips to End the Year on a High Note

The holiday season is upon us. Many B2B businesses experience a slowdown during November and December as their business contacts focus on year-end close tasks, holiday trips, and planning for the new year. When it comes to sales and marketing, there is always plenty to do, even in Q4 when our prospects and customers are less active.

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IGM Advertising Marketing Web Development

Captivate Your Audience!

Is your website captivating your audience and keeping them engaged?

A business website is the public face of a company. It is the brand's identity and one of a business's most important sales and marketing tools. Whether your traffic is referred, direct, or organic, you want your visitors to remain engaged and easily find what they need so they convert.

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Marketing Strategies to Incorporate into Your 2023 Marketing Plan

Now is the perfect time to prepare your strategic marketing plan for the coming year.

All businesses, regardless of the industry they serve, need a solid marketing plan to achieve their marketing objectives.  Here are a few marketing strategies you can integrate into your next marketing plan to boost your brand and engage your audience.

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7 Steps for Branding Your Small Business

Branding your business is very important. Your brand should reflect what your business stands for, what you want it to be, and everything your business embodies. Whether you are planning to open a new business or rebrand your current business you can follow these steps to brand your business effectively.

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IGM services

Looking forward to a prosperous 2022!

Is it to increase brand awareness and expand your reach? Or maybe it is to boost web traffic and grow your qualified leads? At IGM we create digital marketing strategies and develop a corporate web presence that scale. We know that leading a company’s marketing efforts and developing new campaign ideas can be challenging at times. Here are a couple of examples of how IGM can help your business with your digital marketing projects.

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Content Marketing

Small Businesses Create Better Ad Experiences with Native Advertising

Native advertising has become more popular, in part, through the expansion of social media usage. These advertisements can appear on news sites as suggested articles or additional reading at the bottom of the page, and in some cases, as entire sponsored articles. In a nutshell, native ads are brand-sponsored content crafted specifically for their readers.

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Digital Marketing for Small Business, IGM Creative Group

Small Business Marketing Ideas That Generate Leads and Grow Revenue

It is challenging for small businesses to go head-to-head with big industry players. Larger companies have more resources and budgets that cover their marketing campaign expense. Therefore, small businesses have to be a bit more frugal when it comes to advertising. But that does not mean they can’t elevate their brands through marketing. In this technology-driven world, there is no shortage of affordable small business advertising ideas.

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