Creating value for your customer, visitor or client should ultimately be the goal of any website or business.
Understandably, creating fresh new content is not always an easy thing to do for many businesses. Most people simply do not have the time; however, it is essential to stress how important this actually is if you are attempting to attract new and unique visitors to your website.

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Content Marketing attracts back-links, adds value to the client, visitor or customer relationships, and rank higher in search engines. These results in effect create value for the company and increase marketing return on investment.Let’s elaborate a little bit more on the subject…

Don’t confuse fresh content with higher search rankings. This may not be the case.  However, the more frequently you update and index your website the more frequently a search engine will visit it. But you must index your new pages after creating them so that search engines can “scan” the new content making them viewable in search results. And when search engines like Google see your site more frequently, you have the opportunity to rise higher in the rankings based on the content you provide.

You should also add your new pages to your existing site map. Your site map is basically a set of links of all of the important pages within your website. This will ensure that all pages are being linked from other pages. According to Google, every page should be accessible from at least one static text link.

In addition, when you update your site regularly, you increase the amount of relevant keywords. This attracts more visitors who are looking for the content you provide. So within your pages, write body copy and titles that clearly and accurately describe your content.

Staying current and keeping your customers and prospects updated on what is available to them is, of course, another good reason to regularly create fresh content.

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