Yahoo recently announced their Yahoo Gemini self-servicing ad tools! This tool combines mobile searching with the placements of their native ads. The increase in mobile search is playing a large role in the decision to move forward with this.

Now that more and more people have access to the Internet on smartphones and tablets the world of mobile searching is becoming important. People are relying on their mobile devices to find restaurants near their location, directions to specific locations, and even general information on a wide variety of topics.
Times are changing now when you want to know something about a particular topic, what is the first thing you do? You pull out your phone, go to your favorite search engine, and type in your question. The days of people waiting to find out information until they get to their homes and go onto their desktops are all but over.
Yahoo has recognized this and they have implemented a great way to intertwine native ads and mobile search. The native ads are seamlessly placed with the search results, however, Yahoo_Gemini_Blog_Post_Body they are clearly marked to lower confusion. This integration will help marketers optimize their ads and reach their potential customers better.
These new ad tools will help simplify the buying process for the consumer. This will increase the productivity of ads of brand marketers using Yahoo. The Yahoo Gemini tool will also improve the experience from an advertisers standpoint, allowing them to drive greater performance and higher impact of their efforts.

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Overall this is a step into a world, the mobile search world that is ever increasing with the development of mobile devices. Yahoo is attempting to compete with platforms like Facebook and Twitter with the implementation of the Yahoo Gemini ad tools. This new tool can have the ability to create a huge impact on the mobile search and advertising world.

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