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Websites are essential for attracting and converting new leads and retaining existing customers. A robust online presence and a quality user experience can boost an organization’s success.

Embarking on developing a new website is a big deal, and hiring a web design company can be challenging, but finding the right website partner for the job is vital! Choosing the wrong firm could cost you much time, money, and heartache.

With so many great web designers, how do you hire the right one for your business? If this is your first web project, you may need to become more familiar with all the tech jargon or differences between firms. In this article, we will cover both to help you on your way to hiring the best firm for your business.

Do I need a web design or web development firm?

Web designers create a website’s look and feel, while web developers write the code that makes it work. Both web designers and developers are focused on the UI/UX or user interface and user experience.

The user interface (UI) is the series of pages and visual elements, like icons, menus, and buttons, that enable a person to interact with a product or service on the website.

User experience (UX) is a person’s internal experience as they interact with all aspects of a company’s products and services on the website.

The designer creates the layout, menus, options, and flow based on how the client has described their customer’s journey. The developer uses those designs to create the physical website as effectively and efficiently as possible.

If you have a web developer on staff, excellent! All you will need is a talented design firm. If not, you must find a firm that does both or works closely with a development firm.

Define your website design goals.

Make a list of specific, measurable, attainable goals for your new website. You may need a modern look and feel. You may need to develop a more user-friendly site. It may be time to start selling your products or services online. All these different goals affect the type of designer you hire.

Suppose you need an online store; you will want a designer who has successfully designed online stores and can easily explain all the options. If you are developing an online magazine, you will want a designer with expertise in that area. The more you define your goals and objectives for your site, the easier it will be to spot a designer with the expertise you are looking for.

Have you mapped your customer’s journey?

A customer journey is the series of interactions a customer has with a brand, product, or service as they become aware of a purchase need. A customer journey map is the visual storyline of every engagement a customer has with that brand, product, or service. A map of the customer’s journey will help your designer create a prototype that effectively provides the customer with a swift and easy path to their purchase. If your designer has difficulty understanding your website goals or customer journey, they might not be the right partner for you.

Experience their work.

Whether a referral from a colleague or the result of an online search and research, you should always thoroughly review the potential web design partner’s work. A good designer will have examples of their work on their website and case studies or content discussing their web project goals, challenges, and successes. Whenever possible, visit the example websites. Verify the site is as depicted on the designer’s page and observe how you feel moving through the site.

Remember, the designer takes care of the look and feel, while the developer is responsible for the site’s function. Attribute your likes and dislikes accordingly.

References always matter.

A reputable firm will provide a list of client contacts you can call and discuss projects with. References are an invaluable tool to determine whether or not the business is who they say they are. Most of the information a company provides is verifiable if you make the calls.

When possible, check online reviews.

Reviews are sometimes client quotes listed on the firm’s website or could be a feed from Google or Yelp. Reviews can give you an idea of the service level and customer satisfaction. Positive reviews provide third-party validation for a business’s products or services. A lack of reviews can indicate a risk in doing business with that company.

Final thoughts

Every website is different, and each business has individual requirements. Performing upfront research and asking the right questions before hiring a web design company will help you understand and choose the firm most suitable for your website project.

At IGM, we build custom, high-performance websites to provide an online presence for your business. Whether you are looking for a modern look for your tech business, a clean look for your magazine, or a site with a stand-out home page, IGM has the knowledge and expertise to deliver your eye-catching site on time and within budget.

If you are ready to discuss your website needs with an experienced website partner, let’s connect.

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